Have you ever manipulated anyone unaware of the nature of its effect on you?

I have, and only yesterday!

I woke up  to pray and was led by the Holy Spirit to repent of despising the wealthy and any witchcraft or basically manipulation. If you don’t know what that is, well in simple terms it’s using what you say to control someone with the intention of making them do what you want them too,  usually by making them feel guilty.

I could see that God’s goal was to enable me to have a better attitude to my work and love the new people I work for because He loves them. The wealthy need Him too and it’s not for me to stand in His way by my ‘envy’ or ‘bitterness’, not that I realized at this point that was what I was experiencing.

I went to work with the frame of mind ‘I thought’, that I would enjoy the work with a new attitude and servant heart to please God in working ‘for Him’. I asked Him to enable me to love these people.  (Mark 12:31) ” Love your neighbour as yourself.”

I caught a bus and it turned out to be only  a ten minute walk from the bus stop. I usually get a lift from a lady I work with and she irons while I clean. She was on holiday so in ‘my wisdom’ I said I would do it all this week. The thought of double pay was enticement enough.

Four hours later as I was finishing the lady of the house turned up. She said she didn’t realize I was there as she couldn’t see my car. (I don’t own one but my work colleague does-hence the lift usually). I told her I walked. She asked where I lived. She looked a little shocked when I said the next village so I reassured her it was ok as I’d caught the bus part way. If only I had stopped there!

I felt  a bit worn from the work and in my mind I hoped for the offer of a lift home. I continued to talk about the infrequency of buses and that I’d walk. A few seconds later she said she would have offered me a lift but needed to walk the dog having just arrived from London where she and her husband work. She then said she felt guilty now.

I then felt guilty and said it was OK I would walk.

End of story? No. This morning as I prayed I was convicted by God’s Holy Spirit of my intentions of manipulation and annoyance that she hadn’t given me a lift home. I had to face myself!

The fact is I chose to do the extra work this week knowing I would need to walk home. It was not her responsibility, it was mine. Her only obligation to me was to pay me which she had done. I walked home and was probably better for it in all honesty.

I know it’s right to phone her now and apologise for making her feel guilty.

God give me grace!

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.” (2 Corinthians 5:20)

Scriptures taken from New International Version of the bible.