I dreamed a dream

People were excited, busily walking along the pavement, in the road, in groups and alone. All with something to do, somewhere to go, the hum of expectation in the air.

I followed Bob as he struggled along, out of breath, his back a little hunched yet a smile on his face and an unusual spring in his step none the less.

He passed a young, dark skinned youth and kissed his cheek joyfully and continued on. The love and joy was pouring out of him, he couldn’t stop it!

The youth glanced, smiled and carried on, realising he’d just been the recipient of affection for no reason at all. Three more young men walked up beside him and they carried on walking, chatting and laughing.

Bob suddenly crumbled to the floor and sat at the edge of a an alley on the pavement, still smiling. I stopped concerned.

As I looked down Bob looked back into my eyes with a smile and told  me he just needed to catch his breath. I suggested  a fold up cane seat might be useful in future. People continued to mill by.

Such a dear old man!


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