Writing! What is it? Is it better to speak it than write it?

Is it an expression to get what’s on the inside out of us? Is it an expression of the soul and it’s ability and desire to create? Can we express more through writing than through speaking?

I have heard it said that its great therapy and can help us to reflect on life and what we’ve learned. Is this true?

Is it a way of making sense of things we do know and what we don’t know. Is  it the exploration of who we are and why we are here? Could it be a way of problem solving or inventing?  In its own way does it makes life more real or make more sense? Is it the expression of recall and memory?

Is it truthful?  How often do you find yourself writing something you remember and by the next day or even an hour later remember it differently to your initial memory. Does your memory play tricks on you or get you in trouble?

Do others remember things differently to you even though they were there with you at the time?

So what is writing and does it help us in any way to write things down and if it does, how? Is there a difference between typing and writing? Do they affect our thoughts and persona in different ways?

These are questions we all ask at some point, especially if we have grown up in the age of technology and resist paper and pen in favour of a keyboard or pad. Does it make a difference to you personally? Do you think using a keyboard is more helpful than pen and paper?

What is writing to you personally?



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