Bloggers block and dogs and things

This is a block week let alone day!

I don’t know what to write about and I can’t seem to focus on anything.

Last week my dog had an operation to remove a tumor from his neck. He’s an eighteen year old, blind cross-breed terrier. His name is Teddy and he looks like an old chewed up Teddy bear with a crooked scarred mouth and sandy coloured wiry fur. He’s a rescue dog we’ve had for over six years.

I was very concerned about putting him through an operation but it seemed better than letting him keep scratching himself to pieces and infecting and re-infecting what had become a wound with his claws.

We originally went to the vets for his yearly vaccination. I had found myself praying before I went about any necessary or unnecessary treatment. I asked God to give the vet wisdom. It appeared he had. The vet said he thought the dog was strong enough for the op. I went home to think about it.

The day I left him at the vet’s I thought I was emotionally ok until I watched him walk off with the vet. As I turned to walk out the door I began to crumple. We closed the door behind us and I sobbed. My twenty-three year old son hugged me. We made our way back to the car and went to our respective work places. The vet had my son’s work phone number incase they needed to contact us, I thought that best.

I held it together while working by not talking about it. In the afternoon it was harder. I wandered through my home trying to keep thoughts of what it would be like without Ted out of my mind. My son had moved out four months earlier to live with friends. I’m not even used to that yet. I cried once or twice but prayed and gained a more peaceful demeanor.

When the vet phoned to say Ted was Ok and just a bit drowsy I was so relieved. I cried!

I couldn’t face my own emotions when it came to picking him up though. I stayed in the car while my son collected him.

I thought of all the times I’d got annoyed at Ted for pulling me suddenly in another direction, for walking so slowly, for barking at other dogs and it all seemed irrelevant now. It’s just so good to have him back for a while longer. He’s recovering quickly praise God!

It looks like blogger’s block is over.



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