Pride and Perjury

I picked up this book in a charity shop for a pound. Having read the blurb on the back I thought it might be interesting and I might learn something about politics from it!

This autobiography of Jonathan Aitken written at the end of the nineties is well worth the read. Former journalist become politician he openly shares his life, passions, and mistakes in an honest  fashion that held me captive until I reached the end of the book.

It is filled with intrigue and revelations of the consequences of his choices for good and for bad. It’s an honest, sometimes humorous, sometimes emotional account of what his hopes and dreams were for himself and his family along with filial loyalty and friendship on the one hand, and anguish from paparazzi persecution, lies, deceit and very real fears and the consequences of pride.

I personally remembered nothing from the time when this all took place other than his name., I was not interested in public affairs at that point in my life and didn’t read newspapers so I just associated his name with the government. That was it.!

What surprised me most was the unexpected open honesty about the spiritual journey that accompanied all the drama and turmoil of his life.

I’d say this was a pound very well spent and now plan to get reading his follow-up autobiography Porridge and Passion and maybe even his biography of President Nixon.



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